Far Right is not right

In Dec 2016, the American elections concluded and Donald Trump was elected to the Oval office. And with this started the rise of far right politics across the world. Even before December, the right wingers loomed over the horizon but with the winning of Trump they were on steroids of sorts. Whether its Theresa May in UK or Marine Le Pen in France, people all over the world seem to gravitate towards far tight thoughts. Anybody who eulogizes anti-immigration or a cut off from some geo-political cum economic group (read as EU) or a blanket ban on certain religions seem to ascend to the highest political seat.

These overt expressions of extremism have given birth to discrimination and ridicule in public at large. The recent incident of an Irish woman ranting hate talks on a train is a live manifestation of such ideas. Many people in western nations don’t understand the basic difference between religions. For many Sikhism and Islam is same. The color of one’s skin or appearance of oneself is easily misconstrued for characteristics of a terrorist organization. Few Indians in US were a victim of several such hate crimes. The recent travel bans for people from certain nations only shows a narrow-sighted binary approach to solve complex problems. Here is the response to some sample problems –

  1. Problem No jobs for locals  Response  Ban immigration
  2. Problem Terror strikes in the country Response Ban people from entering

Its like going back to decades old tradition of protectionism and covertness. Our forefathers toiled hard against very same behaviors. Its like modern day untouchability where we don’t want people from certain geographies any where near us.

If all the nations of the world borrow (& implement) the thought of building border walls, soon world will be like big prison cells where you can interact with inmates of your cell only. Meaning of global currency- USD or a global language – English will also lose their relevance then.



May 13 – day of awakening for WB & TN

May 13 marked a decisive day for politics in Indian states of Tamilnadu & West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee (alias Didi) & Jayalalitha won by record margins in WB & TN respectively. The voters gave a clear mandate thereby voting for a stable governments in these states.

Both the states had a record turnout of votes. The elections were characterized by corruption, pay for votes controversy, un-civlized usage of language, abuse, charges & counter charges, etc.

Prior to elections, TN was gripped with the 2G controversy where DMK’s high profile ministers were found guilty of corrupt practices in allotting 2g licenses. The issue bloated to large proportions so much so that the minister had to quit & face legal trial.

On the other hand, WB was dominated & ruled by Left government for 34 long years (yes, you read it correct – 34 years). The state has been tackling with issues of economic developments of its people. The quitting of TATA’s high profile NANO project added a perfect element to mark the end of the left gov. The state stands a long history of labor issues, strikes, et al. This had an adverse impact on the business houses running their HQs from Calcutta (Sorry, Kolkatta 🙂 ).

The results in both the states demonstrate one clear fact – the leaders in today’s politics can no longer take the general public for granted. Development should be the sole goal of anybody who comes to power. Anything else (read as corruption) can prove detrimental to their future. Its a wake up alarm for Congress-led central government to get some reforms done, put a full-stop to corruption & think beyond the politics of caste-based reservation. 2012-2013 is just a year ahead !