How to check your income tax status online?

There are 2 ways to check your income tax –

1) Via NSDL site
Login to this site using your PAN & Assessment Year (AY)

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.02.05 AM

2) Via IncomeTax India eFiling site
Click on ‘CPC-Refund Status’ under Services
Login to this site using your User Id/Password & Date of Birth
Select the AY

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.03.54 AM


Salesman – my friend

Date: 24 June 2012 Time: 11:00 am

I visited a prominent electronic retail store to buy a printer. I headed straight to the section where printers were displayed. After having waited for some 10 odd minutes & having looked at a dozen printers, I felt miserable as a consumer. No body in that store was willing to attend to the new customer. I tried & ‘caught’ a couple of sales people to explain me what features were there in printer A v/s printer B. However they escaped the situation in the name of getting more info.

I finally called their boss and quizzed him about printers. And no surprise here. He too was ignorant about what he was selling. Basic printer parameters like speed (prints per minute), cost of per print, cost of new cartridge seemed to elude our sales champs.

This is the state of salesmanship in this country. Anybody can sell any goods WITHOUT complete knowledge of what he is selling. Take anything. Be it clothes or furniture or anything. We go to Pepe or Van Heusen or any branded shop & ask what material this Tee or shirt is made of. And we get a standard reply – COTTON. How can every shirt be made of cotton?

(Long) gone are the days when an experienced person who has spent some credible number of years selling a product used to explain the details of the products – Clothes (material-cotton/silk/jute), Utensils (metal/fibre/plastic/grade), Cement (Grade). Everything in this world has some parameters. As a salesman these things should be known to every sales person.

Thank god that yesterday I had gathered all the relevant info on printers before stepping out for shopping.
And yes the printer plan has been deferred for now 🙂

A nice wall artifact stumbled today

Today I visited a tech company office in New York City. There at the front desk I found strange yet very interesting artifact on the wall. I could not resist the urge to capture it in my phone.

It was the map of USA made by articles banned on the flights. So it had mini scissors, razors, screw driver,needles, etc packaged in glass casing & arranged in the form of the flag of USA.

A very interesting piece i must say.