How to make a simple Solar Cooker from a shoe box

Today I attempted a long pending dream of making a solar cooker from household items.

Items needed are

  • a shoe box
  • black color paint
  • scissor
  • glue
  • cutter
  • aluminium foil (you can use the one from kitchen)
  • a transparent plastic
  • some cardboard pieces


1) Paint the bottom (inner side) of the shoe box with the black color. This will help in retaining the sun rays in the box

2) Cut 4 cardboard pieces such that they can fit inside the box and act as 4 walls. Now cover these with aluminium foil

3) Take a cardboard piece & draw out a rectangular window leaving approximately 2.5 cms width from all the edges of the cardboard. Now cut this rectangular piece & cover the remaining piece with the transparent plastic. This will act as a lid.

4) Cover the top (inner side) of the box with aluminium foil. This will help in directing the sun rays in the box.

Done. Your solar cooker is ready. This will take approximately 50 mins to make.

I tried out maggi & it turned our pretty well. Though it did not cook in 2 mins, I was happy to see it cook in about 15 mins

IMG_20150510_111848 IMG_20150510_111834IMG_20150510_111907IMG_20150510_115547


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