Of ‘Leaders’ and ‘Those Who Lead’

We often refer to the word leader as someone who is forth of something or someone who gets work done through his subordinates (or followers). But is this true? Or Is there a difference between a Leader & a person who leads?

The freedictionary defines a leader in 13 different ways – common ones being –  as someone who is followed by others or one who is in charge of organization etc.

The word lead has many different meanings too – prominent one being – to show the way by doing in advance.

A Leader may know WHAT is to be done or HOW it is to be done. He has all the authority to assign tasks to his subordinates.He may go by best practices & proven methods of trade to accomplish something.He HAS TO get things done because of some ultimate rewards – may be pay checks, promotions, bonuses, etc.

A person who leads leads for a cause. He leads for WHY without caring for the ultimate rewards. He may not have the authority but goes by the gut of his followers-the ones who believe in him. He WANTS TO get things done which shows his utmost involvement in the tasks with his heart & soul in it. As the meaning above states clearly the person who leads has done something in past & hence is equipped to show the way to his followers.