Steps to uninstall Oracle11g from windows 7

Recently I got the strange work of deleting Oracle 11g from a windows 7 box. [Yeah, I know its a bad job :-)]
I used the OUI program to remove Oracle. However it gives a bad command line option to run the deinstall.bat file. I ran the bat file and I got some strange exception stack trace.

So its at this point that I decided to go the ‘hard way’ [manual un-installation]

Phase 1
Stop all Oracle services first.

1) START -> RUN -> Services.msc
2) Locate all Ora* services & click on STOP

Phase 2
1) Start -> RUN -> Regedit
2) Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder in the registry
3) Open Software folder
4) Delete the Oracle folder under Software
5) Open System folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
6) Open CurrentControlSet folder within the System folder
7) Open Services
8 ) Delete all keys related to Oracle. Every key starts with “ORA..”
9) Close the regedit
10) Delete ORACLE_HOME folder
11) Delete the Oracle folder in Program Files
12) Reboot

At this point your machine should be free from Oracle.

I wish if Oracle could streamline this process …


22 thoughts on “Steps to uninstall Oracle11g from windows 7

  1. K.S.Raju says:

    Thanx a lot man!!
    it worked lyk a charm 🙂
    i almost thot i screwed my new lappie as i was not able to unistall 11g 😀

  2. bish says:

    there is no oracle folder in h_key_local machine\software
    instead there is ODBC should i deleat this odbc folder

    i have oracle11.2.1.0
    and windows 7 64 bit home premium

    • I dont think that ODBC is the folder. I am not sure about the one in oracle 11 & windows 7 (64 bit) combo. But I guess there should be something under h_key_local for oracle installation. Can you send a snapshot of what you see in registry?

  3. Shivaraj says:

    I cancelled oracle 11g installation before it got installed on windows 7. Now when i run the OUI nothing works. Followed all the above steps mentioned. Could you please help 😦

  4. Empy says:

    thanx buddy !! i wanted to uninstall it because i was unable to use it as it shown invalid password and username !! and i dont think i had entered any in during installing .. do u know about password ?

    • Bill says:

      just log in as administrator, Username : system and Password : manager and then write a command: alter user “username” identified as “password” whatever you choose and the ;
      or call me :+919085671095

  5. suma says:

    i stopped all services and delete oracle that i installed in D:\ but when i try to install it again it says that SID is already there in this machine.

  6. sreenath says:

    i did the same thing but the folder c:\oracle\…. where i have installed oracle 11g was not gone man………. what i have to do????????????

  7. Benjamin Ford says:

    Use the Universal installer. If you try to uninstall everything at once it will not let you. So first uninstall the program. MAKE CERTAIN TO LEAVE THE UNIVERSAL INSTALLER OPEN. The go and uninstall the Home.

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