Chlorophyll Printing – new form of art

Chlorophyll Printing – the natural process which involves placing a negative of a photograph over a leaf which is then exposed to sunlight for a period of days. The green pigments of the plant will darken accordingly, resulting in a ghostly and monochrome image that are preserved in a block of resin.

Steps to uninstall Oracle11g from windows 7

Recently I got the strange work of deleting Oracle 11g from a windows 7 box. [Yeah, I know its a bad job :-)]
I used the OUI program to remove Oracle. However it gives a bad command line option to run the deinstall.bat file. I ran the bat file and I got some strange exception stack trace.

So its at this point that I decided to go the ‘hard way’ [manual un-installation]

Phase 1
Stop all Oracle services first.

1) START -> RUN -> Services.msc
2) Locate all Ora* services & click on STOP

Phase 2
1) Start -> RUN -> Regedit
2) Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder in the registry
3) Open Software folder
4) Delete the Oracle folder under Software
5) Open System folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
6) Open CurrentControlSet folder within the System folder
7) Open Services
8 ) Delete all keys related to Oracle. Every key starts with “ORA..”
9) Close the regedit
10) Delete ORACLE_HOME folder
11) Delete the Oracle folder in Program Files
12) Reboot

At this point your machine should be free from Oracle.

I wish if Oracle could streamline this process …