Emirates is the flight to be in

Day: 10th July, 2011
Time: 04:00 am
Location: Mumbai International Airport, India

I was boarding the Emirates flight to Dubai. While still in the boarding queue, I had a casual look at the cream-colored costume of the ground staff of Emirates. And i must admit that my initial impression wasn’t good. The strange white scarf (or whatever you call it as) connecting the top & the red cap seemed unusual. The extra kilos put on by the staff made me feel that the flight might be boring. Also, the boarding for a scheduled flight of 04:30 had not started; many anxious faces eagerly awaiting their turn to enter the BOEING-777.

Finally when boarding started & I entered the flight, I was pleasantly amazed to see the flight – beautiful orange & lavendar color adored the interiors. Comfortable reclining seat, good leg room & wonderful window view added to the ‘class’ of emirates. Generally flight take offs scare me a little. [See – I accept the fears I have :-)]. But this flight had the most smooth takeoff i have ever experienced in my life. Though the in-house entertainment wasn’t the latest; I was happy with the food offered and mood lighting. Each time before the meal they provide warm hand towels to clean your face & hands. I liked this hygienic idea.

All and all it was the best flight travel I ever had. Clearly a 9/10 rating for Emirates from me.

Oh! Did i forget to tell that I got the same experience in A380 jumbo jet from Dubai to NY? 🙂