Square: the next rage from Twitter stable

Square is a small (squarish) device which can be plugged into the ear-phone jack of the iPhone. It allows use to swipe any credit card & store all the transaction history digitally. In short, every small time merchant can now accept credit cards with a small device.

Square in Action: Square is plugged into the ear-phone jack (on the right side in the photo)


10 things not seen in Bollywood anymore

1) Dymentia – The “Main kahan hoon..” fever was a rage in 70s-80s films. Whenever a character woke up after an accident, the oft-quoted statement used to be Main kahan hoon…

2) Earthen Pots

3) Logo-based titles
Each film had a unique picture,logo associated with the name. e.g. Parinda had a picture of a flying bird, Aashiqui has a very popular leading pair behind the suit, etc

4) Hand painted hoardings of the films

5) The butterfly sitting on the flower or 2 flowers touching each other [self – explanatory 😉 ]

6) Maruti 800
I can still remember some films [e.g. Ghar Ghar ki Kahani] showed Maruti 800 being used by the artists.

7) The rotatory dial phone

8. Milky white boots
The boots often remind me of Jitendra, Govinda & Mithun

9) Bell bottoms

10) Giant hair style of the leading actresses. I dont know what is it called, but that is a rare thing these days. Asha Parekh & Nanda used to have that style.