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Tell me why…

I have lived on this planet for about 28 years now. There have been many questions which are left unanswered till now –

1) Being a software engineer by profession, I have come across many chart based applications; most use varied colors especially RED & GREEN. But ever wondered how these charts will be seen by color blind people. Would they make any sense to a color blind person?

2) India has been blessed with many historic monuments; all across India. I was fortunate enough to visit some (Gateway of India, Ajanta caves, Elephanta, etc). But I have not found even a single place which provides access to wheel-chaired Indians. Why are we insensitive towards them? Why can’t they see Elephanta Caves (which needs a nice hour long climb)?

3) A billion strong India is one of the largest democracies in the world. Our general elections cost more than Rs. 400 crore. I have been a voting loyally since I reached 18. But never have I seen a postal ballot [or now EVM] having Braille for the blind. Shouldn’t their vote count in general elections?

There are many such illustrations which can be quoted – each distancing the disabled from the mainstream India. Many public places in India – Cinema halls, Shopping places, government offices remain elusive from a GOOD design, inclusive enough to all Indians irrespective of their physical (in)ability.