New Age Office – Selgas Cano

The Selgas Cano Architecture office, designed by Iwan Baan, makes you feel like a part of nature. Thanks to the fact that the office is below ground level and the huge windows, you really feel encapsulated by plants and trees. This looks like a really peaceful environment that stimulates creativity.

Kasturi – the Musk

Kasturi – or musk as its called in English, is a popular fragrant ingredient of many perfumes. Its obtained from the glands of a male musk deer. The deer is killed to obtain the musk from its glands. Its one of the most expensive animal organ in world. A raw Kasturi when broken shows many grains which have EXTREME odor. Even 2-3 grains are sufficient to make a litre of alcoholic drink. Its only when Kasturi is diluted that we get a wonderful fragrance.
Besides perfumes, Kasturi is widely used in medicines & also used as an aphrodisiac.

A Kashmiri Musk Deer

Musk Pods

The Opened Pods

Grains of Musk Pod