Risen India? Find out the truth

Two months ago, U.S. president Barack Obama glorified India as a nation which has “risen” & “developed”. This is partially true. India has grown a lot in the last 2 decades. However, the growth has come at a PRICE. The haphazard growth in India’s economy seems like a chance thingy.

Some points in support of the above claim –
1) In the 90s, the Vada pav was Rs 2 or even less. Mobile call was Rs 16 per min. Incoming was also paid. Come to 2010, Vada pav is Rs 7. Mobile call is 1 paise per sec i.e. Re 1 per min. Is this development?

2) In the 90s, houses in 2nd level metros [like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, etc] used be dead cheap. 1 bhk for Rs 5 lac or so. The computer was Rs 90,000 for a black & white screen. Fast forward to 2010, house prices have reached skies. 1 bhk can now be included in the list of extinct ‘species’. 2 bhk come starting Rs 42 lac. And PC prices are down like anything. You can get a laptop in mere Rs 35,000. Is this right development?

3) In the 90s, I remember going for shopping with Rs 1000. In that budget, i was able to get 1 jeans & 2 shirts [Good quality of course :-)]. In that decade, a simple b/w mobile phone from Panasonic was Rs 16,000. Come to 2010, Rs 1000 is too less to buy a pair of jeans, forget about 2 shirts. And today you can get a colored mob phone [with loads of features] for only Rs 1500 or so. Development ?

Culturally, every indian’s dream is Roti, Kapda aur Makaan. All other things come secondary in his wish list. In the 3 instances above, the ROTI has become expensive [instance 1], MAKAAN has become very very expensive [instance 2] & KAPDA has become expensive [instance 3]. However, things which never existed before & we can live without have become cheap.

Really “sakhi saiyaan toh khoob hi kamaat hai AUR mahengai daayan khaye jaat hai…” I wish our Prime Minister will see this post & feel like doing something to repair this skewed growth.


One thought on “Risen India? Find out the truth

  1. I do NOT fully agree with your comparisons in point #1, 2, 3..
    As inflation or rise in price is actually not calculated linearly..
    In 1980s, average income of our fathers & and even normal professional was just few 100s..and in 1990s it touched in few 1000s (all below 4 digit figure)

    In 2010, even a basic mechanic or mason, can earn 5-8K.. which is almost 20 times of 1980s (20x400Rs = 8000) and atleast 8 times of 1990s (8x1000Rs=8000).

    Now going by ur first example.. If vada paw was Rs-2 in 1990.. It should be atleast 8 times (Rs 2×8=16) in 2010…
    Aah man.. but as per ur quote vada-paw is still Rs 7/ only . that is almost half the price of what was expected..

    So, I think our very respected Mr PM (Sri Man Mohan Singh) do no need to read this post, coz he has actually done a very nice job, which you cannot calibrate or experience in near future or short-term.. but would understand in long term..

    And you need to brush up some of ur economic skills.. (just on light note.. no offences to u or anyone.. afterall everyone has right to express his/her opinion)

    with regards, pekon

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