2010 Aga Khan Award winners are …

A Textile Factory, Turkey

The custom-designed facility for a manufacturer of high-quality textiles represents a successful collaboration between a client and an architect in developing a spatial strategy that integrates production goals with the well-being of employees. The design focuses on a single u-shaped volume that makes full use of the site as well as the use of local materials, reduced energy use, and enhanced thermal performance. A single, large structure which houses administration and production spaces are integrated under one roof, breaking down hierarchies between front- and backof-house functions. The u-shape form follows the production line from inception to packaging and dispatch of the garments. An abundant amount of natural light is provided through the glazed southern facade, five internal courtyards, as well as gardens and lightwells.


workers inside the textile factory

site plan

Bridge School, China

The school bridges two parts of a small village in Xiashia, China, that lie on either sides of a small creek. Created by two steel trusses that span the body of water, the spanning space in between houses the functions of the school. Suspended below the structure and running along its length is a pedestrian bridge for the people of the village to use, a small but modern addition to a once declining village, the project has become a central meeting point for the people, literally bringing together the two ends of the community. Developed with the school principal and the head of the village to answer to community needs, other facilities were integrated into the design which includes a public library and a stage that can be opened up for performances on the northern end.

Site plan

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