Generation Y

GenY - Generation NEXT

Generation Y is oft occurring term in our day-to-day lives. It generally refers to the young generation somewhere in the age group of 17-18 to 27-28. I consider this GenY a very blessed lot of people. They are exposed to many modern marvels. Be it social networking [facebook, linkedIn, twitter, etc] or mass media [10s of channels beaming news 24×7] or entrepreneurship [many small start ups]. This generation seems to know almost all of this.

The modern times have brought a radical change in thoughts of this age group. Gone are the days when this lot was seen prominently in playgrounds for a match of football or cricket [or even hockey for that matter]. Any body watching them couldn’t make out the real rules of the game being played. Rules like 11 players for cricket or football OR full pitch match were flouted openly. It had its own charm. However, today these are happy tweeting or chatting in confines of their small room.

GenY does not forget to set their status on facebook or twitter. “out for a movie”, “Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S all seasons”, “Bored.. wanna change”, etc. They are happy keeping their profiles update-to-date but grumble when quizzed about their whereabouts by their parents. Its hard to fathom this oddity in their behavior.

Many young grads fresh from college are a true specimen when we want to study this genY & its traits. They have their reserved choice of work. “I will work only in SIEBEL or Java or XYZ technology”. Given a choice they prefer casuals at work – floaters & chappals, fasttrack glares, a goaty,tennis wrist bands & things alike adorn their office look.

Page 3 talk – “You should have pasta at XYZ joint” or “have you seen Sonal Kapoor’s new look” or “I like Abhishek’s beard look” (OR)
Football talk – “ManU vs Arsenal” or “XYZ vs timbaktoo” (OR)
F1 talk – “Vettel is good” or “Schumi is best” (OR)
Motor/car talk – “Ferrari’s XYZ engine rules the roads” or “Rolls Royce’s new car has a dozen cylinders gushing many bhps of horsepower”

Affiliation to 2 or more of these talks is an absolute must to be considered as fashionable. I wonder how many played inter state football in schools/colleges. I wonder how many know what it takes to build even a simple car. I wonder how many know which food is good or who certifies whether ‘A’ food is better or ‘B’.

Its not all that bad though. Things like google searches have brought a lot of thoughtfulness in their actions. Today, they use all possible sites on the web to do their research about latest trends in fashion, check out reviews of books (or funky gadgets) or find discount coupons before buying classy mobiles. So in many ways they have become cost conscious and take more informed decisions.

But if they could possess the best of both ages then I think most parents wont worry about their teen kids.


2 thoughts on “Generation Y

  1. I think you’re making too much of a generalization here. Sure, there are people who talk about all this but there is always another side to every conversation. With a huge population like ours, this would be too much of a generalization.
    “I wonder how many know what it takes to build even a simple car.” You’d be amazed to know the number of people in my class who know all this. I don’t, but that doesn’t make me your stereotyped GenY.
    Every Gen has its flaws. I mean, take the older gen; weren’t they a little over enthusiastic about films, Rajini in particular? Didn’t they also bunk classes/not tell the parents when they were in school/college? It’s just that the topics vary over the years, while in essence they’re still the same. You have to thank technology for that.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your candid comments FuzzyLogic… However i would like to point out that I have stayed away from generalisation … if you notice towards the end i have mentioned “Its not all that bad though….” here i notice the positives of this genY… giving good amount of credit to technology.

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