Rate of Flow of Time …

From the last few days, I have been toying with the idea of Rate of Flow of Time. Just like we have rate of flow of water (litres/sec), rate of covering distance (Speed), what would be the Rate of Flow of Time ??

Lets try to break down this question –
Rate of flow of water means how many lit of water can pass trough a constant-width nozzle in 1 sec. Like wise if I have to find Rate of Flow of Time the question to be addressed would be – how many seconds (or minutes or hours) would pass in 1 sec ?? (As you might have guessed it) In 1 second only 1 sec can pass which in turn means its a constant i.e. 1 which also means that its hard to find Rate of Flow of Time.

There is another perspective to this problem. If you notice we BASE all our calculations on some benchmarks. In the sense that we understand some new thing with respect to another known thing. e.g. how big is the sun? Typically we would say that X number of earths/moons/(something known) would make 1 sun.
Likewise, Rate terminology itself refers to TIME. We use it for all practical purposes.

What this really boils down to is — What makes 1 second ?? How many oscillations of a pendulum make 1 sec [OR] how many movements of some molecule make 1 second?? We really NEED some physical quantity to represent this…

Hitherto, we have just been LOGICAL i.e. seconds/hours/micro sec/nano sec… what are these ?? just our way of REPRESENTING … no PHYSICAL aspect to it !!

Any ideas/thoughts?? i would love to hear them …

2 thoughts on “Rate of Flow of Time …

  1. 9027878224 says:

    dear sir,
    my name is arvind. i am an engineerand i am working on teory of reletivity sinnce 4 years, and i got some greate results but noone belive me.

  2. MGGOMES says:

    One second means the quantity of fotons or atom pass througth an area. For example, tungsten filament works as an atom cannon, so you could measure the rate of flow of time stablishing a paramter: 1 million atoms means 1 sec.

    Unexpected, if you reproduce this experement in different height you may have a different flow of atom, depends on the height (gravity). Search for “GRAVITACIONAL PROBE A” nasa experiment.

    I mean, if you born with a twin and you go to the space and come back 15 years latter to see your earth brother, you may notice he still an 8 years child. Yes, the flow of time has biological effects, look, to gravity there is no differences between you and the atoms of the cannon. If you undwrstand ABC integral calcullus you wold understand General Relativity – Albert Einstein, he predicted all these things theorically.

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