(Un)Common Wealth Games

Common Wealth Games in India have become a butt of ridicule & bashing for everybody. This un-invited humiliation is not restricted to the Indian subcontinent, the games have now caught up the fancy of every head of state of the participating nation. Be it New Zealand or Britain or Scotland or Canada. Many athletes have withdrawn their participation in this extravagant event. So what went wrong ??

I took some time to ponder upon this intriguing question. And here is what i think that caused the MESS –
1) The games were awarded in 2003 (yeah you read it right. 2003) That’s SEVEN long years ago. What were the organizers doing all these years ??
All politicians are involved in games organization. Another reason for corruption in CWG. NO SINGLE professional body to handle time lines and milestones.

2) The OC FAILED to plan the activities in the first place. Flexible deadlines were the norm right from start. And this was taken without questioning from the PM/Enforcement Directorate.
ALL major events should be accountable to the parliament.

3) No Accountability of the OC. There is no path/reporting to the Prime Minister from the head of the OC.
ALL major events should be accountable to the parliament.

4) No backup plan in place. SERIOUS FLAW

5) Lacking passion for the nation. Recall the Olympic Games in Beijing. It was proud moment for every Chinese to host Olympics.

6) Lack of step-by-step review of work.

I think every member of the government should be responsible for bringing bad repute to every Indian. No body questioned the careless progress of work, corruption in awarding contracts, tampering the mails, falling false ceilings, foot over bridge collapsing, dogs sleeping on beds, mosquitoes in stagnant water around games village, etc etc etc… the list goes endless. Its really shameful act on the part of Congress led government to support all this. Not a single expression integrity or shame on their faces.

As a regular tax-payer to the union government, I feel cheated & humiliated. I wish if every penny of my tax is given back to me (instead of corrupt politicians of CWG).


Imagine living in darkness with just a small bore … Scarry Isn’t it ??

The miners in Chile have ‘stuck’ in the mine for almost 5-6 weeks. Their only CONNECT with the real world is through a small bore – their lifeline for food & oxygen. Living in darkness and having nothing to do but HOPE for rescue can be worse than a hell. Let go the dirt and filth around which gathered over the last few weeks. Staying away from near ones in a small CHAMBER crammed with ‘same faces’ needs a lot of courage & mental strength. I am getting goosebumps as I imagine myself in ‘their shoe’ …