3 dots


Recently while composing a mail, I noticed a strange thing…. I was frequently making use of ellipsis (…) i.e. 3-dots in whatever I write. Whether it was mails or SMS, this single punctuation mark seemed to dominate all other punctuations in my writing. Most of the times I use this to mimic the brief PAUSES we generally have while speaking … But some other times I use this for like ‘etc etc’ where the thought itself is vague or not clear. Also, sometimes I think this adds a more ‘spoken language touch’ to our writing, in the sense that I feel as if I am speaking to that person live.

I tried to understand more about ellipsis on internet…AND I was surprised to see the wealth of info available on dot-dot-dot… It in fact had a proper name also – Suspension Point, point of Ellipsis, periods of Ellipsis, etc. [A sure addition to my knowledge bank :-)] I also learned that ellipsis can be used to indicate obvious omissions in a sentence. e.g. She had … hair (here … could mean like black, long, short, blah blah)… However I feel this usage of … is not very useful for it leaves an evident lacuna in actual thought. One would really not understand what the person intend to say out of black, long, short, dark, etc. It could mean anything thereby making it less intuitive.

It is strange that my writings have been using this punctuation more often than anything else for a long time … but its only a recent ‘EUREKA’ moment for me 🙂

Till my next post dot-dot-dot or or Suspension Point …. I hope you guessed it !!


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