Real pleasures of life .. must read !!

Some pleasures in life don’t have a substitute. Here i want to compile my list …

1) Getting up at 1 pm in afternoon…(best)
2) Taking 1 hour for a shower … [simply unbeatable]
3) Visiting useless profiles on social networking sites
4) Chatting with your friend in a strangers’ wall/scrapbook on social networking sites 🙂 I must admit that the joy is simply divine [personal experience]
5) Having chai & PARLE-G biscuit in heavy rains
6) Cycling on your way to office/school in the SLOWEST of speeds
7) Walking in the heavy rain (when everyone else is running) & experiencing every drop of it on your body
8) Trying to dodge every drop of water falling from corrugated roof tops
9) Counting the birds’ nests on the trees in your vicinity
10) Watching kids enjoying small paper boats sailing in a stream of water

Whats your pleasure list ?? [no censored-content please]

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