Hail Greece

These days many are talking about the ‘rough’ economic climate in Europe, largely propelled by Greece. Economists are talking about the another recession in offing after the US, 2 years ago. While everyone is worried about the $, euro & pounds of the world, I took some time to look back at some of the plus points of Greece.

Recently I saw a good documentary which revisited the ancient Greece. It showcased the fine discoveries which Greece gave to the world. Today we are blessed because of such fine work done in the field of acoustics, science, astronomy, geometry, etc

Today’s music operas’ design in heavily inspired by the ancient Greek design. It was Greeks who found out that sound travels as waves similar to that of water. This discovery lead to the design of an opera which was circular in nature. So even a pin drop noise at the center of such a setup could be heard till the last row in the audience. This paved the way for many music concerts setup – used even today.

EUREKA were the words uttered by the famous Greek scholar, Archimedes after he discovered the displacement of water phenomenon while taking bath. This discovery led to the creation of large ships & vessels used even today.

Greeks have taught us the basics of language & geometry. They gave Alpha, beta, gamma letters to the world & paved the way to many geometrical theorems. Pythagoras’ theorem is a well known rule for right triangles. This was used in ancient Greece to construct tunnels in the shortest possible route.

The discovery of planets, asteroids are the results of work done by Greeks with minimum resources available. They have constructed the Pantheon, example of perfect geometry in those days.

The list can go endless. I would not be surprised if things that we stumble upon in our day-to-day life mustn’t have an inspiration from ancient Greece.

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