Main aur meri perfect chai …

In India, people have a liking for varied kinds of foods & drinks. And more than 70% of population can’t stay without tea (chai as they say in India) or coffee.

A well prepared chai can relieve you from all the day’s stress & pep up your mood. Hence its essential to develop the skill of knowing & making that perfect drink.

So, after dabbling with many experiments on contents & proportions, here is what I think is the perfect recipe for tea –

1 cup milk
1/4 cup water
1 tblspoon tea leaves
2.5 tblspoon sugar
mint leaves/ginger/cardamom

1) Switch on the stove 🙂
2) Boil water with tea leaves & mint/ginger/cardamom for some 4-5 mins
3) Add milk & sugar. Boil everything for another 5 mins.

Voila !! The perfect tea is ready… 🙂

All you folks can try this recipe & share your experiences with me … i will look forward to some (at least 1) reply 😉


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