Main aur meri perfect chai …

In India, people have a liking for varied kinds of foods & drinks. And more than 70% of population can’t stay without tea (chai as they say in India) or coffee.

A well prepared chai can relieve you from all the day’s stress & pep up your mood. Hence its essential to develop the skill of knowing & making that perfect drink.

So, after dabbling with many experiments on contents & proportions, here is what I think is the perfect recipe for tea –

1 cup milk
1/4 cup water
1 tblspoon tea leaves
2.5 tblspoon sugar
mint leaves/ginger/cardamom

1) Switch on the stove 🙂
2) Boil water with tea leaves & mint/ginger/cardamom for some 4-5 mins
3) Add milk & sugar. Boil everything for another 5 mins.

Voila !! The perfect tea is ready… 🙂

All you folks can try this recipe & share your experiences with me … i will look forward to some (at least 1) reply 😉


Bonjour French

A month back I dared to enroll in a Foreign Language course & started learning French. I started the course by missing my first lecture in french [:-)] – auspicious “Jai Ganesh” as they say in INDIAn languages.

On my first day, I saw a lot of young college going boys/girls in the class. For a moment I thought that perhaps this was the most insensible & kind-of misfit decision I have ever made. But as a few minutes passed, I saw some working professionals sharing the attendance in the class. Some students did ask me which college was I into .. this further instilled some confidence in me !!

Going back to school was kind of good. I could recollect some my best times in the college. Some of the charts on the walls reminded me of the days when I used to draw human digestive system, frogs, amoebae & other weird things for my class’ charts. A black board bearing attendance (Present: 34, Absent: 1, Total: 35) & date instantly ‘transported’ me to the old days at school.

On the first day everything sounded more of greek & latin (than french). The prof was speaking only in french. Now how on earth would one expect the beginners to know french. This gave me some time to have glance at the art made with ink & pencil on the wooden benches – Arun, Sneha, some autographs, some heart shapes bearing S & P adorned those benches. Of course its one of the early phases when youngsters get acquainted with feelings of love.

This artwork only added to the interest of learning French !!
Remember: French is the most romantic language in the world!!