5 Interview Tips you should know

I have been thinking about writing this article on Job Interviews for quite some time now. Some of my friends have not been able to get a single job even after attending 10-12 interviews. Its not that they are dumb or something. But they probably approach the interview in a “not-so-correct” way. This is one of the motivations for writing this article.

All job interviews are 2 fold – one is technical [i.e. related to the expertise like marketing, programming, sales, structural engineer, etc] & other behavioral [or may be related to soft skills].

There are many articles over the web which talk about confidence, posture, attire, etc being the prime elements for succeeding in interview. No doubt these are important, BUT NOT ALWAYS. Here I try to highlight some other aspects for clearing interviews.

To successfully clear any interview following points should be kept in mind –
1) Humor
This is most important yet most ignored part of any interview process. One should have a descent sense of humor. Many times mastering the skill of using funny 1 liners at appropriate place works wonders. e.g. As a fresher, I was asked whether I would accept an offer if I am asked to sign a bond of 3 years. My reply – instead of a simple YES (which is very common) I said exuberantly Wow, nothing like it with full of energy. This single punch line helped me grab the offer.
However here is a word of caution –
being too humorous should be avoided for it may signal that you are not serious about the interview.

2) Flirtatious nature
For all the serious-looking geeks this is a warning alarm 🙂 My personal experience suggests that being flirty at the time of interview works in your favor. One should use this skill if the interviewer is of opposite sex. Generally HR round is conducted by girls/young women. Praising the interviewer, laughing a bit can help you in getting good deal for your CTC package. I used this in one CRM company & was able to get a handsome joining bonus as a part of deal 🙂

3) Jargonize
One should be technically sound before attending any interview. But just being technically good does not work. One should be able to use Technical Terms [or jargons] while answering – formulae, statistics, research results, proofs, examples all work as hammer for nailing the interview (or the interviewer :D).

4) Knowing WHAT to answer
Some might be wondering whats this. But there is logic in this statement.
Sometimes you may come across interviewers who are dumb [yes you read it right – INTERVIEWERS]. This breed of interviewers has its own perception of the topic [which is generally wrong]. In such a scenario your answers should sound as euphony to the interviewer even if it means to give a wrong answer or else you may lose the job. For that 1 hour session, interviewer is the KING.

5) ‘Drive’ the interview
We humans inherently have a curious nature. We like probing, asking more questions if a particular sentence or word is unclear. We can use this quality to our advantage. e.g. whenever interviewer asks you for something, use some technical jargon in the answer. Now in every probability the interviewer’s next question will be related to the jargon word. Repeat this process; I put it as “YOU drive the interview” as per your wish.

Final thoughts – All the above work only if you are technically fit to attend an interview. These qualities increase your probability of getting a good deal over others.

Disclaimer: All the above points are based on personal experiences of the author who was offered jobs at – Goldman Sach, Manhattan Associates, (Late :D) Lehman Brothers, Amdocs, Infosys Technologies, TCS, Synechron, Kanbay, Tech Mahindra, John Deere, HSBC, Persistent Systems, Satyam, IBM, NDS, RedKnee Technologies & Cisco Systems

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