Maharashtra Maaza (My Maharashtra)

Political Scenario
While researching on this subject, I came across some startling revelations. I got to know the educational qualification of politicians, their declared assets, criminal background, financial prosperity, etc.
Here are some statistics –

  • In an Assembly of 288 MLAs in Maharashtra, 184 are crorepatis. Another 103 measure their net worth in lakhs. In 2004, crorepati MLAs were 108.
  • In 2009, 50% MLAs in Maharashtra have pending criminal charges against them. In 2004 this was 132 or [45.83%]
  • Out of total 184 Crorepati MLAs, 22 crorepatis do not have PAN
  • The Average Asset of an MLA is approximately 4 cr.
  • No. of Women MLAs – 11. In 2004, it was 12.

The graph below shows a comparative study of the No. of crorepati MLAs, criminal background MLAs, % of Women MLAs for 2004 & 2009.

Parameter 2004 2009

Inflation Scenario
Inflation is a key economic indicator & is a national subject.
Inflation figures are at ~17.47% [in 03 Dec,2009]. This was 5.5% in April 2008. Below shows the upward trend in inflation for the last 1 year.

The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) fell to 6.7 % from 9.2% in 2007-2008. The following chart shows the industrial growth rate & growth rate for 2008-2009 & 2007-2008


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