Joy of being slow …

Monday 23 Nov,2009 – I started using a bicycle to office.

Cycling again after 12 years was a challenge of sorts – I wasn’t sure if I would really WANT to use a bicycle after being accustomed to a bike. However I was very excited with the thrill of riding the 16 km distance between office & home. So on Monday I mustered all the energy [actually had boost in the morning :)] & started to office.

As I started I noticed that vehicular traffic had increased tremendously in last so many years – cyclists had to take extra caution for most of the 2wheeler drivers are a nuisance to easy riding.

As I peddled, I could comprehend a kind of ‘slowness’ around me. I could ‘see’ each & every shop, apartment, road, etc with all their minute details – something which helped me discover some of the stylish barber shops near my house. I could read the ads completely on the shutters of yet-to-open shops. I experienced the same odor of fish [though for a long time 🙂 ] as I passed some fish vendors on the way. Furthermore, I could also hear the chirps of birds amid all the traffic noise & honking horns – an experience missed for all these years.

I sometimes wonder why would we require going for bird watching or butterfly watching had we just restored the nature we inherited.

These days, we all are so used to fast pace that we don’t want to experience the joy of being slow. Mad rush for work has compelled us to be on our toes; Use of modern gizmos (iPod, mp3 players, iTouch) has deprived us of the pleasant sounds of nature; Use of bikes & cars has forced us to allocate special time for gym.

Are we losing something in a rush to gain something ?

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