Company Cultures

People across the world believe that the economic climate is slowing improving, the layoffs have reduced, & new jobs are coming up. All the sectors are slowing picking up, stocks markets are moving northwards & ‘hopes’ of recovery are floating around. History has shown us that such environments are generally conducive to job-hoppers 🙂 They use every opportunity to ‘blackmail’ their current employer for a foreign tour or promotion or pay hike or what not …

Even I have sailed through many companies in the past – mostly out of dissatisfaction with the current quality of job & rewards there. Though I was not happy with the work I was doing, I have noticed some peculiar things of all the companies I have worked for.

For instance in my first job at a major Telecom-IT company, I always found people loitering around, spending hours at the newspaper desk, in the canteen, at the local chai-wala smoking puffs, etc. I wondered WHO worked so hard that the company managed to achieve its financial goals :-).  There was a tradition (or may be culture) in this company – every monday morning people were inquisitive to know “How was your weekend?”. This one question dominated every monday morning. During my later days, I had cultivated this habit of being ‘prepared’ to answer this ONE question. People asked as if they always had wonderful plans to spend their week ends. I am still amazed as to what NEW things one can do every weekend. Another tradition of sorts in the company was to take a customary WALK after the lunch. Every single employee was seen taking 2/3 rounds around the premises, as if their bosses will punish them for violating this tradition. Poor customers had (& still have) to bear the brunt of this long running tradition at this company !!

After this I moved to a more technical company where everybody looked geek. Most of them were from IITs, RECs, Rank 1 colleges in India. People believed in spending valuable time in front of their PCs & did some great stuff. Even if they had spare time, they learnt new technologies or preferred going home & relax. My stay at this place was marked by the conspicuous absence of the question – How was your weekend?Ahh…. what a relief that was … lol 🙂

Then I moved to 2nd largest software exporter of India. After moving here, memories of my 1st job started haunting me… same scenario !! people gathered in herds near coffee table, newspaper desk, canteens, etc etc.. for a change though – here people (fruitfully) utilized the lush greenery of the campus to blossom their love !! It wasn’t like marina beach or band stand but you could spot some cupid-struck people.  I was fortunate to be in a department of 4 who were supposed to be more technie than others.  So I rarely had the opportunity to spend time with my colleagues there. I cannot ever forget 1 tradition at this place – here in the pantries company provided many cups with company logo & all. Cups made up of clay mud. Now, whenever a cup was broken, the ENTIRE floor starts clapping to acknowledge the incident. Every manager, group lead, engineer contributes wholeheartedly in the clap. This culture should certainly spread to other places for it does no harm to anyone & just lightens the mood!!

That’s about some of the company cultures I have come across so far.

Do you have one to share ?? I will be glad to hear one …


2 thoughts on “Company Cultures

  1. Nitin Gaikwad says:

    This one is very good.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    No one will question to people unless they complete their work on time at least in IT industry:-)

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