How to be productive

How to be productive

Steps to Install Gradle


Gradle is a Groovy-based DSL (versus the traditional XML-based) build automation tool. It makes use of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) to determine the order in which tasks are to be run.

For a detailed understanding, please read the wiki entry.

Steps to Install

1) Java 1.5 or above should be installed. Please verify this using the java -version command. If Java is installed, you should see the version; else java is unidentified command message will appear

2) Download the latest binaries from the gradle website.



3) Unzip the gradle-<version> contents to your favorite folder – say – /User/gradle

4) For Mac, modify the PATH variable in .profile file to include gradle.

export PATH=/User/gradle/bin:$PATH

For Windows, modify the PATH variable in the Environment variables to include gradle.

(NOTE: If .profile does not exist, please create one)

5) On the Terminal (or command prompt), type gradle -version

If everything went well, the gradle version should appear.


MongoDB Installation Steps (MongoDB version: 2.4.6)

Recently I installed MongoDB on my mac OS Lion 10.7.5. Here are the steps which I followed

1) Download the latest production release of MongoDB from its site 



2) Un-package the downloaded file to your favorite place – say – /Users/mongo

3) From the Terminal goto /Users/mongo/bin

4) Create the following directory structure


5) Start the mongo server -

./mongod –dbpath data/db

Everything should start properly and the screen should show waiting for mongo shell.

Now you start another terminal & enter following command



Scam Journey in the UPA tenure


Process of Car Hypothecation at Pune RTO

The car hypothecation process involves transferring your loaned car to your name after the clearance of bank loan. It involves issuing a new smart card minus bank name.


Hypothecation happens at the Sangam Bridge RTO. Its NOT at the Alandi Road RTO

Documents Needed

1) NOC Original from your bank

2) Form 35 signed by you and the bank (2 copies)

3) valid PUC of car. This is a must. You may be asked to come again if this is missing

4) License copy

5) Insurance copy. This is also a must.

6) Original Smart Card. Put the card in a small plastic pouch. I saw some people being asked to get the plastic at the last minute.


1) Go to window no. 32 to verify the documents mentioned above

2) Then go to counter no. 18/19 to pay the fees of Rs 170/-. Collect the receipt.

3) Then go to 1st floor to get the KMC done of the smart card. I dont know what KMC is. But  the officer there just reads the authenticity of the card and mentions KMC OK on your paper.

4) Then based on the number of your car go to the window dealing with the number range.

5) Then you will be asked to come 1 more time to pay the fees for smart card. Done.

6) After about 15-30 days the card should come to your address by post.

NOTE: This process can save any where between Rs 900 – Rs 1300/- which would have gone to an agent.


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